There really is no limit to what the perfect area rug can do! It can create a bold, eye-catching moment within a room design—a colorful, busy pop of visual interest. Sometimes, however, you might choose to add some texture, depth, color, and pattern to a space with a more muted, monochrome, simple area rug. Here are some suggestions from our designers on how to use a minimalistic area rug in any room!


In addition to protecting your floors from tracked-in dirt and debris, using area rugs at your entryways instantly introduces visitors to your sense of style. Olefin area rugs are perfectly suited to resist moisture, stains, and foot traffic at the doorway. Since minimalist design plays off of your lighting and your entryways bring ample natural light, try using a bright monochrome or speckled white, tan, or light grey rug to brighten up your home as soon as you walk in.


When following a minimalist design scheme, you want to focus on clean, sleek lines that add balance and proportion. For this, choose a polyester or nylon runner. These materials handle foot traffic admirably while adding extra cushion and insulation. Consider a rug with neutral solid colors, earth tones, or neutral pastels. A washed or distressed pattern will also add interest without making your space too busy.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Using area rugs in your kitchen and bathrooms not only provides comfort underfoot but can also prevent potential slips! A cotton area rug will be a great choice here, since cotton rugs are easily washable. Style-wise, woven cotton rugs lend texture and many feature simpler, muted colors for subtle visual appeal. A solid rug that matches your flooring will blend well while a heathered rug will add some minimalistic definition.

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

In our bedrooms and living rooms, we want to relax without being overwhelmed. Think about utilizing a solid shag or silk rug to add supreme softness underfoot and a comforting texture to your space. You can even pick a shade that reminds you of your favorite calming presence in nature: a lush green shag carpet for a rich field, a cool blue to connect with soothing bodies of water, and beige or cream to recall a relaxing, long walk on the beach. You will effectively add luxury, sophistication, and coziness without trying too hard.

As you complete your minimalist design scheme, think about your area rugs as artwork that you can use to achieve your desired vibe. Keep everything simple, clean, and high quality. Stop by our showroom to shop our area rugs, available in a range of customizable sizes!

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