Excelsior Laundry Detergent (333 Loads)

Scent: Fragrance Free

Pickup currently unavailable at Des Moines Warehouse

  • All-in-one solution - this detergent and stain remover works as a whitener, brightener, and fabric softener leaving no need to purchase additional products! Designed and tested to work efficiently while leaving an aromatic fresh scent to your laundry.
  • Universal Formula - This all-natural, biodegradable formula is made ideal for HE Washers but also works well with traditional washers. Use 15ml per load in HE washers, and 30ml for traditional washers. You can also add it to your washer for an effortless clean that deodorizes and doesn't clog your plumbing.
  • Great Bang for Your Buck - All you need is just one tablespoon of this detergent and it's good to go. Having 5L in volume, you can use it for up to 333 loads!
  • No Harsh Chemicals - Unlike traditional detergents, the laundry detergent and stain remover uses natural and environmental-friendly enzymes that are made to be color-safe and gentle on clothes, leaving them spotlessly clean and bright without the use of harsh chemicals or bleach. These enzymes simply attack stains by breaking up stain-causing agents and protect clothing from discoloration. What's more, its packaging is made of recyclable materials, making it environmental-friendly too!